Stocking Stuffers for Kids

by Janny Jackson

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These stocking stuffers aren’t just ideas, these are actual stocking stuffers I’ve purchased for my kids this year. Like I said in my Kids Christmas Gifts post, I’ve been very intentional this year about buying gifts for my kids that are practical, useful, and of good quality. Gifts that will be a joy to give, and not a burden.


An electric toothbrush with Spider-Man on it? He’s going to want to brush his teeth constantly!
I’ve seen these all over, and am curious about them. I think my toddler will enjoy them.
My big kids have a budget binder system for whenever they get or earn money. My toddler isn’t ready for something like that yet, but a piggy bank is perfect for him so he can save his own money.


My daughter is all about LOL dolls lately. She is going to love this LOL toothbrush.
A wallet for her spending money!
I can’t wait to see what she can create with these Wikki Stix!
Little and Five Earrings. I’ve shopped this store many times over the years to get earrings for my daughter. They are all made with high quality medical grade steel, are hypoallergenic, and great for sensitive ears. They are also amazingly affordable, AND they have screw backs!!


My big kid is going to love this Mandalorian themed toothbrush!
I’ve been wanting a Rubik’s cube for my oldest for awhile. He’s the kind of kid that enjoys a good challenge and has the patience to solve it. I am looking forward to seeing him work on this!
My oldest also loves to read books, especially at bed time. I know this will be a much used and loved tool for him.
A wallet for his spending money!
And each kid will get one of these in their stocking as well. They all enjoy these Water Wow! books.

I’m really proud of myself for coming up with, and purchasing, these stocking stuffer gift ideas literally overnight. Who needs sleep, right?

I am officially DONE with Christmas shopping for my family BEFORE Thanksgiving!!! I have never been this prepared before. I really feel like it is going to take that dread and gloom (that can hang over my head during this time of the year) away and I will really be able to enjoy the many other aspects of this season with my family.

Happy shopping to you, if you are still on the hunt, and as always, thanks for being here!

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