Kids Christmas Gifts

By Janny Jackson

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Every year, more and more, the Christmas season weighs heavier and heavier on me. The pressure of the season and the amount of people I feel obligated to buy gifts for makes me want to quit Christmas.

My husband and I have discussed opting out all together, focusing just on a family experience for the season, and create memories instead of buying more “stuff”. We have yet to fully commit to this decision, but we have scaled back more and more every year, and are focusing more on being intentional with our giving, until we can do so.

It isn’t even the end of November yet and I’m already 95% done with my shopping, because I was intentional with what I wanted to buy, and I did my shopping whenever I found a good deal. This NEVER happens. I’m usually panicking a week or two before Christmas, stressing and dreading having to spend money on stuff I don’t have money for, or that I just know my kids either won’t play with or will break not long after opening it.

I’m really happy with what I’ve purchased for my kiddos, and I’m pretty confident that nothing I have purchased will be something that is a one-and-done toy or item.

Each kid will get a special box Christmas Eve night that contains Christmas pajamas, a book, and a bag of hot cocoa powder.


Matching pajamas from Carter’s for all 3!
This book, Where’s Spot?, is for my toddler. It was well loved by my oldest two, until it was no more. It will be new for the little guy, so I know he will love it.
My girl’s reading has improved so much in the past couple of weeks of school and I think she is ready for her first chapter book series. I’m excited for her to start reading these fun books!
My 8 year old has really enjoyed this series. He is always wanting the next book. He’s going to be excited to get started on reading this one.
What is Christmas Eve without hot cocoa?

Each kid will get 2 personalized gifts each, and the rest will be community gifts. I really wanted to focus on stuff that they could all share and play with together.


I bought this Star Wars set thinking it was Lego. Instead of taking it back I figured my toddler would enjoy playing with it with his brother.
This will be a fun activity to add into our little “school” time we do together!


I was influenced, and it was on sale, haha. My daughter will get this but I know all 3 kids will love this one.
I’ve always wanted to do tie dye with my girl. I think this will be so fun!
How I could pass up a wooden doctor’s set? My kids played with the plastic one they had so much that it fell apart. I know this well be a toy they all will enjoy, and I look forward to it being better quality as well, therefore lasting longer!


This mini basketball hoop has always been a staple in our home and we haven’t had one since we moved. This is something we all enjoy as a family. It will hang on the back of our front door.
My son is all about Lego, and has been asking for more Harry Potter minigures. Did you see his Lego wall?


My kids play with their wooden blocks every day. Investing in growing their collection is worth every penny.
Another toy all 3 kids play with daily. Again, worth every cent.
A classic. I remember playing this as a kid and I look forward to playing with my kids.
Another classic. Worth it.
I can’t wait to play Play Nine with my kids. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.
Another one I have heard a lot of good things about!

And that’s it. That’s all I’ve gotten for my kids. It won’t be a grand and spectacular present opening extravaganza, but these toys and games will get used and be enjoyed by all, and for that I am excited to be gifting these to them.

What are you gifting your kids? I’d love to know!

If you need more gift ideas, I have a list of well loved items in our home here.

And as always, thanks for being here!

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